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"A Coffee Trail: Adventures with Coffee is a book devoted to recording and sharing human stories from the independent coffee house. Our mission is to introduce these remarkable, sometimes hidden, establishments to the wider world and praise what makes them such a great part of our community. We want to motivate people to be adventurous with coffee, make informed coffee house choices based on culture, company and personal taste, and create a work of art that people will enjoy for years to come.
Our motto is: good cheer, good company, great coffee."

Thank you for taking part in the Coffee Trail Book Survey.

Your answers will determine the outcome and direction of our book series so please give as much detail to your story as possible. If your story is detailed enough to be selected - humour, emotion, descriptions all appreciated - you will be invited to meet one of our team for a cup of coffee at your favourite spot to talk further about your story, so we can bring it to life in the pages with added polish.

While we cannot guarantee that you will be included in the final published book, by participating fully (yes, answering all the questions) in this survey phase you will be duly thanked in the credits section of our website www.coffeetrailbook.co.uk. So do look out for your name! We can't wait to read your Coffee Story and your answers, and hopefully buy you a cup of joe at your favourite coffee house so we can take you with us on this adventure.
This is a genuine community project highlighting the very best of the independent coffee houses, as well as you, the consumers, who embrace the culture of coffee and develop its experience into something magical. With illustrations, photography and contemporary design, the first Coffee Trail book is only the start of this very British adventure.
This survey will be available for you to share with ease on social media and by email, and the more people who get involved the better! Be a part of the evolution of the coffee house culture in your area, and please help spread the word.
Thank you!

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