Introduction/How to complete

The results of this questionnaire will be used to celebrate strengths, reveal weaknesses and inform planning in your parish and diocese. It is totally anonymous. You will not be asked for your name or address. If you do not like a question, please move on to the next.

Please do not worry about complete accuracy. Estimates are fine (swings will be matched by roundabouts in the analysis).

Please feel free to answer the questions either (i) as an individual, which will be better if you have a partner who is not a church-goer or if family members go to different churches; or (ii) as a couple if this is more convenient and you have joint finances for example; or (iii) as a family if you can and wish to include children in a family response.

If you are a child or young person please feel free to make your own individual response, but ensure you have your parents' permission and have not been included in a combined family response.

If you have children who go to church, Sunday club or a regular church gathering (eg youth club) (Sunday or mid-week), it will be particularly interesting if you or they individually complete question 2 even if the others are not relevant.

Many thanks for your valuable contribution to building an evidence-based picture of church life in this diocese.

+Christopher, Guildford

Question Title

* 1. How many people are included in this response? (Put 1 if answering as an individual.)

Question Title

* 2. Please give your age and the ages of other members of your household who are included in your responses - remember, the information is anonymous. (Not enough boxes? Please use question 11.)