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Today's sporting culture defines success as winning and being number one. "Winning isn't everything; it's the only thing" is a well-known quote in sports. That short little phrase has been used in countless pep rallies and locker-room speeches.

Although winning has its importance and many times it is tied to job security, winning cannot be the end result of your life's work. Long after the score board has been shut off and the stopwatch put down, how we influenced the lives of those we coached will matter most.

Be honest with yourself as you evaluate how often you apply the five core values.

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* 1. Email

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* 2. Integrity - internal traits that guide your behavior

  Always Frequently Sometimes Rarely Never
COMMITTED: Set high standards for your behavior & stick to them, even in difficult situations
COURAGEOUS: Stand up for what you believe is just & good
HONEST: Choose words & actions that are sincere, not misleading
DISCIPLINED: Remain dedicated & self-controlled, even when challenged
RESILIENT: Learn from mistakes & losses; seize the opportunity to improve

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* 3. Respect - treating others the way I want to be treated.

  Always Frequently Sometimes Rarely Never
ACCEPTING: Support everyone’s worth & dignity, regardless of background, abilities or beliefs
CONSIDERATE: Always be aware of & honor others’ rights & feelings
ATTENTIVE: Be ready to learn from coaches, officials & other contestants
ENCOURAGING: Demonstrate concern for the growth & development of all others
APPRECIATIVE: Value the guidance of supportive adult & student leaders

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* 4. Responsibility - embrace opportunities to contribute

  Always Frequently Sometimes Rarely Never
HELPFUL: Understand & advance the group’s positive goals
CONSCIENTIOUS: Be aware & careful of the choices you make
ACCOUNTABLE: Accept that your actions impact everyone around you
PERSEVERING: Work through difficulty & discouragement in pursuit of individual & team objectives
RELIABLE: Prove that others can depend on you

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* 5. Sportsmanship - bring your best to all competitions

  Always Frequently Sometimes Rarely Never
COOPERATIVE: Join teammates, opponents, coaches & officials in a mutual quest for excellence
FAIR: Compete skillfully, guided by the letter & spirit of the rules
GRACIOUS: Savor the challenge of a tough competitor & meet it with your finest performance, win or lose.
HONORABLE: Respect the game & everyone’s contributions
HUMBLE: Take success in stride – share the credit

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* 6. Servant Leadership - serving the common good while focusing on the team's mission and purpose.

  Always Frequently Sometimes Rarely Never
EMPOWERING: Inspire & help others to grow, succeed & lead
VISIONARY: Raise expectations for yourself & the team
INTERCONNECTED: Recognize the vital link between individual effort & group achievement
GENEROUS: Freely contribute hard work & support to reach the team’s goals
ENERGETIC: Initiate action - do what needs to be done