Champions of Character Administrator

Today's sporting culture defines success as winning and being number one. "Winning isn't everything; it's the only thing" is a well-known quote in sports. That short little phrase has been used in countless pep rallies and locker-room speeches.

Although winning has its importance and many times it is tied to job security, winning cannot be the end result of your life's work. Long after the score board has been shut off and the stopwatch put down, how we influenced the lives of those that went through our organization will matter most.

Be honest with yourself as you evaluate how often you apply the five core values.

* 1. Email

* 2. Integrity - internal traits that guide your behavior

  Always Frequently Sometimes Rarely Never
HONESTY: I proclaim the truth.
POISE: I demonstrate calmness and self-control in the face of adversity.
PATIENCE: I exercise inward strength in the face of adversity without demanding a deadline to remove it.
DETERMINATION: I diligently work to reach goals regardless of the obstacles.
PASSION: I have an intense emotion and feeling towards my sport and improving an athletes performance.

* 3. Respect - treating others the way I want to be treated.

  Always Frequently Sometimes Rarely Never
HONOR: I value the cost of those that I lead.
ATTENTIVENESS: I demonstrate the worth of a person by giving them undivided attention.
TEACHABILITY: I have a desire to learn without any reservations.
TOLERANCE: I learn to accept others regardless of social, economic or race differences.
DISCRETION: I recognize and avoid words, actions and attitudes which could result in undesirable consequences.

* 4. Responsibility - the social force that binds me to the good of the team.

  Always Frequently Sometimes Rarely Never
COMMITMENT: I dedicate myself to following up on my words with action even if it means unexpected sacrifice.
LOYALTY: I use times of adversity to demonstrate my commitment to others.
CONSISTENCY: I stay true in principle in all circumstances.
CANDOR: I speak the truth at the time when the truth should be spoken.
ALERTNESS: I am keenly aware of the events taking place around me so that I can have the right responses to them.

* 5. Sportsmanship - following the rules, spirit, and etiquette of athletic competition.

  Always Frequently Sometimes Rarely Never
OBEDIENCE: I fulfill instructions and rules.
FAIRNESS: I look at a decision from multiple viewpoints.
JUSTICE: I take personal responsibility to uphold what is pure, right and true.
HOSPITALITY: I share cheerfully with those whom I come in contact.
HUMILITY: I see the contrast between what is perfect and where I am at.

* 6. Servant Leadership - serving the greater good while focusing on the team's mission and purpose.

  Always Frequently Sometimes Rarely Never
LEADERSHIP: I steer others toward a positive conclusion
SERVANTHOOD: I care for and meet the needs of others before caring for self.
INITIATIVE: I recognize and do what needs to be done before asked to do it.
SELFLESS: I give without expectations of personal glory.
DECISIVE: I learn to finalize difficult decisions on the basis of what is right, not popular or tempting.