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All camp staff, volunteers, special guests, instructors and participants are asked to sign this Statement of Understanding and Code of Conduct as a condition of participation, with the further understanding that serious misconduct, infraction of the established rules and regulations may result in expulsion, at the participant’s expense, from the camp. Ultimately each staff members is responsible for his or her own behavior, and only when necessary the camp director will determine whether the terms of this agreement have been violated and will send a staff member home or revoke their camp privileges.

All Camp Coordinators, teaching assistants, volunteers and special guests/instructors agree to the following:

1. I will use appropriate and courteous behavior. I will not swear or use obscene gestures. I will treat all campers, guests, volunteers, and visitors with respect and common courtesy.

2. I will arrive on time each day to the camp site.

3. If I am a paid employee, I will receive pay for actual time worked.

4. I will set a good example by dressing in an appropriate and respectful manner and adhering to the camp dress code.

5. I understand that the purchase, possession, and/or consumption of alcoholic beverages or illegal drugs is prohibited. Violations including the use of tobacco, alcohol, and drugs, and, stealing, dishonesty, swearing, fighting, and cursing will result in dismissal from the camp and loss of camp privileges for my children (where applicable).

6. I am prohibited from having firearms, ammunition, and weapons in my possession (including knives and weapons of any sort).

7. I will be responsible for keeping my classroom space clean and neat.

8. I will show respect for the property and facilities used during camp session.

9. I will label all of my personal items and I will not bring personal items of value to the campsite.

10. I will comply with the Staff Cell Phone and Other Electronics Policy at all times. I will keep my cell phone on silent and/or vibrate and only use if it relates to camp business and/or the welfare of my family. If I need to use my cell phone for matters other than those stated above, I will do so during my breaks and outside of the classroom so that I will not disrupt the camp activities.

11. I will work as a “team player” and will work cooperatively with all staff members, volunteers and guests.

12. I will adhere to the safety rules and instructions provided by the camp director, camp coordinators and other personnel.

13. I will provide a safe environment. I will not harm youth or adults in any way, whether through harassment, physical force, verbal or mental abuse, neglect or other harmful experiences.

Kids and Culture Camp, LLC and its staff members provide education and care to children. All staff members, which includes employees, volunteers, and special instructors are expected to be in compliance with all federal, state and local laws. Staff members are required to notify the Director of Kids and Culture Camp, LLC within 24 hours of any arrest. Staff members will be placed on administrative leave pending investigation and may be subject to discipline up to and including termination. Certain offenses, including those involving the use of illegal substances and inappropriate conduct involving a minor may result in immediate termination

I certify I have read the Kids and Culture Camp Statement of Understanding and Code of Conduct and I agree to abide by the conditions therein. I understand that entering my name below constitutes a legal signature confirming that I acknowledge and agree to all the terms outlined on this form.

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