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We're currently developing a product that’s meant to help people deal with three different issues:
- Preventing hackers from putting bad code up on their websites.
- Managing who’s allowed to change what's on your site
- Allowing site owners to easily roll back to an earlier version if there’s a problem on the site.

Let's focus on security first

* 1. Do you worry about hackers getting into your site and installing malicious code?

* 2. Has this ever happened to you or other webmasters you know?

* 3. If so, what were the consequences?

* 4. If your site was hacked today, what steps would you take to remedy the situation?

* 5. What steps are you currently taking to stop hackers from getting into your site?

* 6. If you are taking precautions against hacking, can you estimate how much you spend each month on these steps?

* 7. If you are not currently taking precautions against hacking, can you say a little bit about why? For example, do you do you believe that your developer will take care of any problems, or that there's no significant danger, or can't you find solutions you like, or are solutions too expensive?

* 8. How much would you be willing to pay for a product that stops hackers from changing or adding files to your site?

* 9. Ok, let’s move on to the question of managing people who use your site. (If you're a developer, use a typical site you work on as an example.) How often is a static file (not a database item) changed on your site?

* 10. How many people are authorized to change files on your site at any given time?

* 11. When authorizing people to make changes, do you

* 12. What method do you use to change files on your website?

* 13. How do you ensure that only authorized people make changes on your site?

* 14. Do you consider this a difficult, problematic, or time-consuming process?

* 15. Do you worry about any security risks coming with the authorizing/credentialing process, such as letting a former employee or consultant retain access to your site?

* 16. How do you currently address these issues? Please describe any solution you're currently buying.

* 17. What features of a management access tool would be valuable to you?

  Very Valuable Sort of Valuable No Value
Create and delete access credentials
View activity by individual
Receive an alert when someone adds or modifies a file
Lock specific files or subdirectories from access by a credentialed user

* 18. Ok, let’s turn to the issue of backing up and undoing changes. Have you ever had a problem on your website, such as a hack or just a file change that breaks something?

* 19. If your answer to the last question was "yes," how frequently does this happen?

* 20. What do you do to fix it?

* 21. Would it be valuable to you to have a service that automatically archives files whenever you change them and allows you to roll back if something’s wrong, like an “undo” button for the files on your site?

* 22. What features of an "undo button" tool would be valuable to you?

  Very Valuable Sort of Valuable No Value
Revert website to a prior version on demand
Scan for unauthorized changes
Automatically undo when an unauthorized change is detected
Selective rollback by user credential
Integrated on demand database backup for popular content management systems
Scheduled database backup for popular content management systems
On demand database restore for popular content management systems

* 23. What would you be willing to pay for an "undo button" tool?

* 24. Choose the role that best describes you:

* 25. Does your website generate

* 26. if you would like to join our beta test when it launches, or receive a free one-year subscription to our initial product, please include your email and contact information here.

* 27. Finally, would you be willing to let us call you to discuss the product? If so, please give us the best number to reach you.