* 1. In what county do you reside?

* 2. Are you an employer, employee, business-owner, or student in Cobb County?

* 3. Would a charter school with a statewide attendance zone be beneficial to you as a parent, educator, employer, or other stakeholder?

* 4. How many children age 18 or younger are in your household?

* 5. Does your child (or children) currently attend school in Cobb County?

* 6. What is your child's/children's current education situation?

* 7. Please select the grade levels of EACH of your children, if applicable. Check all that apply

* 8. Do you currently have a charter school option in your community?

* 9. Have you ever applied to a charter school?

* 10. If you have applied to a charter school, which of the following apply to you? (please select all that apply)

* 11. What do you you feel the main reasons for exploring innovative options such as a charter school in your community might be?

* 12. What should be offered in a charter school that is not currently offered in surrounding schools?

* 13. What EXTRACURRICULAR programs and/or activities are important to students and their families?

* 14. What organizations, businesses, colleges/universities, and/or other community resources would be natural partners for the school?

* 15. Would you personally support strong parental involvement in the charter school?

* 16. Please feel free to share any other concerns, questions, or comments you have

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