You listen to us. Now we will listen to you.

* 1. Is Coast FM your first choice when listening to the radio?

* 2. How long have you been a CoastFM listener?

* 3. Age Group (in years)

* 4. Gender

* 5. Postcode

* 6. At what times are you most likely to listen?

* 7. Where do you most often listen to CoastFM?

* 8. What type of music do you like to listen to?

  50's-60's 60's-70's 70's-80's 80's-90's 90's-Now
Easy Listening
Heavy Rock
Rock & Roll

* 9. Why do you listen to CoastFM?   (More than one response is okay)

* 10. What do you like most about CoastFM?

* 11. What do you like least about CoastFM?

* 12. What special interest programmes would you like on CoastFM?

* 13. Which events have you attended in the past?

* 14. Have you LIKED our Facebook page - "88.7 Adelaide's Coast FM"?

* 15. Have you viewed our website ""?

* 16. Are you a current Coast FM Volunteer/Presenter?

* 17. Are you a current Subscriber (member) of Coast FM?

* 18. Any other comments? Type as much as you like.

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