The JvR Psychometrics Corporate Values Questionnaire (CoVaQ) - Fit

The JvR Psychometrics Corporate Values Questionnaire (CoVaQ) - Fit is a tool designed to assist companies in selecting talent that match their current values culture. It consists of 11 value scales that are based on an extensive review of literature and research within the South African context.

In this assessment you will be given 33 statement clusters. In each of these clusters you will be presented with three statements. For each cluster you will be required to indicate which one of these statement is most like you and also which one of the statements is least like you.

Research Agreement

If you decide to complete the questionnaire, we promise you that:
- Your participation is voluntary and you may withdraw from the study at any point
- There are no negative consequences for you choosing not to participate in the study
- We will only include you in the study if you give us your consent
- We will not use your name in any presentation, article or other research report based on the data
- Your responses will be entirely anonymous and confidential
- All the data that is collected will be safely stored on SurveyMonkey and/or on a password protected Excel
- We will not use the data to make any decisions that may impact on you

I agree that:
- I am not forced to complete the questionnaire, it is entirely my choice
- My data may be used for research purposes
- My data may be used for constructing the test manual
- My data may be shared with other people for research purposes only
- I will not receive any feedback on my results

For any queries please contact the JvR Psychometrics Research Department:
Cobi Hayes
Research Psychologist
011 781 3705
3% of survey complete.