You have been identified as an expert at your organization working on strategies to address the social needs (e.g. housing, transportation, etc.) of your patient/clients.  Your feedback is essential to prioritize the features of a technical solution the Department of Health Care Finance plans to develop that facilitates use of a community resource inventory. This solution will facilitate bi-directional exchange between clinical and community services and be integrated with health information exchange (HIE) systems, allowing for screening for social service needs, referring beneficiaries to social services, monitoring, tracking and filing follow-ups after referrals, and analyzing population-level referral data. 

We are particularly interested in your feedback on current and future efforts to address the social needs of your patients and clients, including specific questionnaires or screeners, or technical tools used within your organization.


The following survey will take approximately 15 minutes to complete.  We request that you complete the survey by July 26th. Thank you in advance for your valuable time.
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