You are invited to participate in a research study conducted by Dr. Tracy Zou as the Principal Investigator in the Centre for the Enhancement of Teaching and Learning at the University of Hong Kong.
Internationalisation of the curriculum is interpreted and enacted differently in different disciplines and programmes and by different teachers. It is also a process requiring ongoing review and reflection in order to ensure that programmes remain current and fit for purpose in a rapidly changing and globalising world. The purpose of this questionnaire is to review what has already been happening in relation to the internationalisation of content, teaching and learning in courses and programmes taught or coordinated at your university and to determine what (if any) professional development or teaching and learning resources might be needed to support internationalisation of content, teaching and learning in programmes and courses. It would take you about 15 minutes to complete the questionnaire. For details of where the data will go, please refer to 

We work with Prof. Betty Leask, our advisor, in designing this survey based on the questionnaire in her book Internationalising the Curriculum [1]. If you wish, we are happy to share with you our preliminary findings.
If you have any questions about the research, please feel free to contact Dr. Tracy Zou at 39178182 or If you have questions about your rights as a research participant, please contact the Human Research Ethics Committee, HKU (2241-5267).
[1] Note: The questionnaire is an adapted version of the questionnaire on Internationalising the Curriculum (IoC) in Leask, B. (2015). Internationalising the Curriculum (pp. 136-148). London: Routledge. 

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