* 1. How long have you been on the team?

* 2. The minimum participation requirements for team members to maintain their membership are listed below. Please rate the reasonableness of each requirement.

  Very Unreasonable Unreasonable Neutral Reasonable Very Reasonable
Participate in at least 6 of 12 Full Team Trainings (with 1 credit for active Resource training)
Average 10 hours a month/120 hours per year
Demonstrate active participation in team searches (no minimum)
Log SAR hours in the ESSU website in a timely manner
Annual recertification of CPR/AED
Complete annual team fitness hike (Type 2 and Type 1)

* 3. What suggestions, if any, do you have regarding the minimum team participation requirements? (PLEASE BE SPECIFIC)

* 4. What statement best characterizes your commitment to CoCo SAR?

* 5. Please indicate how much you agree or disagree with each of the statements below?

  Strongly Disagree Disagree Neutral Agree Strongly Agree
The expectations of a CoCo SAR team member have been clearly explained to me.
I have received the proper training to meet the expectations of our SAR duties.
I have the proper gear and tools to meet the SAR mission.
There is opportunity on the SAR team for advancement.
There is opportunity for me to have a positive impact on the team.
I receive the proper supervision and feedback on my SAR performance.
The monthly team trainings help me refresh and improve my skills.

* 6. Please rate CoCo SAR in the following areas:

  Very Poor Poor Neutral Good Excellent
Ability to attract high quality volunteers.
Rentention of team members.
Ability to operate in a safe manner.
Conduct operations with a high degree of teamwork.
Provide a quality, professional service to our county.
Provide the opportunity to get to know other team members.

* 7. Please rate CoCo SAR in the following operational areas:

  Very Poor Poor Neutral Good Excellent
Communication of Sheriff's Office policies and procedures.
Ability to run monthly Full Team Trainings.
Search preparedness.
Conducting and managing an in-county search.
Conducting and managing an out-of-county search.
Conducting an After Action Review (AAR) of a search.
Running, operating and supervising 9 Resource squads.
Setting the right vision, goals and direction for the team.
Overall team performance.

* 8. How would you rate the Command Staff's communication with the team?

* 9. What suggestions, if any, do you have for Command Staff? (PLEASE BE SPECIFIC)

* 10. Please rate the performance, training, and supervision of the following team resources and operational areas:

  Very Poor Poor Neutral Good Excellent Not Applicable
Metal Detection
Mountain Rescue Group
Search Management
Hasty Squad
Medical Details
Emergency Medical Responder (class)
Wilderness Emergency Medical Responder (class)

* 11. What comments or suggestions do you have for our Resource Squads? (PLEASE BE SPECIFIC)

* 12. Please rate your overall satisfaction with your membership and experience with CoCo SAR.

* 13. What are the best things for you about volunteering with CoCo SAR? Why did you join the team? What keeps you interested in the team?

* 14. What can SAR do to get team members more involved? (PLEASE BE SPECIFIC)

* 15. Finally, do you have any suggestions, comments, observations, or issues that you would like to discuss? This could include additional gear or equipment we should have, new or different training, or any other changes you would like to see?