Complete and submit a copy of this form for each satellite location of the main campus of the program sponsor.

Use a separate form for each location.

This completed request form must be submitted, in advance, for each class for each satellite location.
If CoAEMSP approval is granted for a satellite should there be a change: 1) to the number of students who enroll in the class, 2) the class does not make, 3) or the submitted Start date or Graduation date changes, the program MUST notify the CoAEMSP immediately.  Both CAAHEP and the CoAEMSP are tracking each satellite and each approved class; therefore, it is imperative that changes are made known to the CoAEMSP.

CoAEMSP verifies directly with NREMT, the eligibility of graduates from each class of each satellite location. Failure to obtain prior CoAEMSP approval may result in the graduates from that location/class not being eligible for the national examinations for Paramedic.

Questions about this form and about the approval process may be directed to Lynn Caruthers at 214-703-8445 ext 115 or at

Definition of Program Satellite: off-campus location(s) that are advertised or otherwise made known to individuals outside the sponsor where students can complete the laboratory (or similar hands-on skills) professional course(s) without attending the main campus. A satellite does not pertain to sites used by a completely on-line/distance education program for individual students. Satellite(s) are included in the CAAHEP accreditation of the sponsor and function under the direction of the Key Personnel of the program. [Policy IX.3]

Items marked with an asterisk (*) MUST be answered.