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Please complete our survey about establishing a co-working space in Atascadero

Deadline: December 15, 2017

As well-informed and engaged members of our business community, we need your insight to help create an important, missing resource in our community to help keep our local economy thriving.

Recently, a group of business-related stakeholders was formed by the Atascadero Chamber of Commerce, Economic Vitality Corporation, and City of Atascadero to determine the need for a Co-Working Space in the City of Atascadero. Many cities throughout the nation benefit from having co-working spaces and business incubators. One successful example of a business incubator and co-working space in SLO County is the SLO HOTHOUSE in San Luis Obispo. Our focus at this time is to first create a co-working space, and someday into the future a business incubator and makerspace.

Our request…
Below is a link to a brief electronic survey to accomplish two objectives: hear from anyone wanting to learn more about plans for a new co-working space, as well as obtain contact information if such a space opens.

What is a co-working space?
One of the most beneficial resources available to entrepreneurs is a co-working space. The many benefits of a co-working space are making them widely accepted and utilized around the nation. A co-working space is a shared office where people work, network, share ideas and collaborate. The typical co-working space is an open architecture that brings together entrepreneurs and business professionals from different industries, businesses and areas of expertise. Except for a shared conference room and other office resources such as a copier, printer, broadband, such spaces are typically in an open floorplan instead of all tenants having private offices, although some private offices are sometimes incorporated.

Who uses a co-working space?
In many co-working spaces, often found are startup entrepreneurs, free-lance professionals, and a range of people providing professional services. Users often want the flexible nature of a short-term office rental, and do not want to work from their home office.

Please take a few minutes to provide input on this subject. Your responses will be kept confidential and your identity will be kept confidential by the Atascadero Economic Foundation among the three organizations.

For comments, questions please contact the Atascadero Chamber of Commerce Linda Hendy 805-466-2044.

Please forward the following link to someone who may be interested in learning more about this project.

Thank you,

Atascadero Chamber of Commerce
Atascadero Economic Foundation 501c3
6904 El Camino Real, Atascadero CA

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* 1. Do you currently work and/or live in Northern San Luis Obispo County (“NoCo”)?

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* 2. How far are you willing to travel to share a great co-working space?

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* 3. If you were able to live closer to your job, would you be more likely to utilize multi-modal transportation options (walking, bicycling, transit, ride-share, etc.) than you currently do for your commute?

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* 4. Have you ever used a co-working space?

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* 5. The proposed space could include some or all of the following amenities. Please check all that would be of interest to you.

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* 6. Check the one option that MOST closely describes why co-work space interest you.

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* 7. Would you like to be added to an interest list:

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* 8. To receive updates on our progress in opening a co-working space to NoCo please give us your name, organization, phone number, email address and city below.