General Information

The purpose of this part of the application is to get to know you better, to see where you are on your path towards becoming a midwife, and to learn how you have prepared for the rigors of apprenticeship and birth work. Being a student midwife requires a commitment to long hours of work with no pay, an unpredictable schedule, self-directed study, and can be challenging for many families. Our student program allows for some flexibility in scheduling. Your answers will help us understand whether your life situation and our needs are compatible.

Sharing our clients with apprentices requires careful consideration. As such, many of the questions in this application are personal in nature. We respect your need for privacy and confidentiality. We will not disclose this information to anyone outside of our practice, unless required by law. The information will be shared only amongst the midwife preceptors in our practice, unless you give your permission to share it with others.

* 1. General Information

* 2. How did you find NOVA Natural Birth Center and/or Virginia School of Traditional Midwifery?

* 3. If accepted into our program, when would you be available to start?

* 4. Are you employed?