Climate Voices wants to hear about your event! Please provide feedback for future funding proposals.


1. What type of speaking engagement were you invited to?

2. Where was your event held?

3. How were you contacted?

4. Briefly describe your session.

5. How long was your part of the event?

6. Please estimate the number of people who attended.

7. Please estimate the percentage of male/female attendees.

8. Were there any themes or topics that your audience was interested in learning more about?

9. Which of the following best describes the level of engagement of your audience?

10. Use the star rating below to indicate how well  your session was received by the audience (5 stars = excellent).

11. What did you value most about presenting at this event?

12. Is there anything you would do differently if asked to speak again?

13. We appreciate your time and effort participating in this event. Please let us know if there is anything Climate Voices can do to improve your experience.