Welcome to the 2018 Campus Climate Survey.

In this survey, we will ask you about your perceptions of the climate at John Carroll University and your perceptions of how JCU addresses and responds to sexual misconduct. We would like to hear from all students, both those who have experienced unwanted sexual contact and those who have not. The survey usually takes less than 20 minutes to complete.

Your participation is completely voluntary. We deeply appreciate your cooperation and willingness to provide information that will help us better understand a critical aspect of student life at JCU. We are committed to ensuring a safe and healthy environment for our students, and your participation in this survey will help us in our work to keep all students safe.

Your responses are anonymous, and we will only report them after they are grouped together with the responses of many others. Your name will not be connected in any way with your responses to this survey, and any identifying information from the computer on which you take the survey will be removed before we receive the data.  Even though reasonable efforts will be taken to minimize breaches in confidentiality, you should know that any form of communication over the internet carries a minimal risk of loss of confidentiality. If other individuals (e.g., co-worker, partner, roommate) have access to your computer, they might be able to view your web browsing history, including the link to this survey. For information on how to delete your web browsing history, you can visit computerhope.com/issues/ch000510.htm.

You may stop taking the survey at any time or choose to skip questions.  Some of the questions will ask you about sexual, personal, and potentially troubling information. It may be emotionally difficult to answer these questions. Should you wish to talk with someone further, information about campus, local, and national resources for unwanted sexual contact and relationship violence will be provided at the end of the survey.

The information you provide will be used to inform and improve support, policies, and practices at JCU and will not be used to investigate specific individuals. Disclosing an incident here does not constitute reporting the incident to your campus and will not result in any action, disciplinary or otherwise. Please do not identify anyone by name in your survey responses. If you identify anyone by name, the name will be removed before JCU receives the data. Please use John Carroll University’s reporting procedures if you wish to report an incident of sexual misconduct.

The leader of this survey effort at John Carroll is Title IX Investigator, Kendra Svilar, J.D., and she can be reached at ksvilar@jcu.edu and/or 216.397.1559. If you have any questions about the survey, please contact Kendra Svilar before continuing.

By clicking on the “Next” button below, you indicate that you have read and considered the above information about the survey and that you voluntarily agree to participate in the survey. You also indicate that, to the best of your knowledge, you have not already completed one of these surveys in 2018.

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