To: All stakeholders with an interest in climate change
From: Dr Tim Cadman, Griffith University
Re: UN Climate Convention (climate regime) – anonymous online survey of governance

Dear Stakeholder,

I am conducting research into stakeholder attitudes concerning efforts to address climate change via the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), and its related institutions, agreements and mechanisms (the 'climate regime').

I am very interested in surveying you on your views about the climate regime, to better understand your views of the key factors affecting the governance of the climate regime, and to provide recommendations for improving the participation of stakeholders involved in the regime, and/or affected by climate change.

‘Governance’ means the way in which the climate regime and its various institutions, agreements and mechanisms are managed, or co-ordinated.

The study will look at the perceptions of stakeholders from both developed and developing countries, and whether they think the governance of the regime functions in a useful way or not.

You may withdraw from the survey at any time. However, once you push the button in the survey, "done", you have completed the survey, and this is seen as giving your consent. By clicking “done”, you indicate that you understand the information and that you give your consent to participate in the research project.

The survey is ANONYMOUS

There are 16 questions:

Questions 1-3 ask you to identify the sector to which you belong, your region, and to select ONE element of the regime that you feel you know the most about.

This could be the Convention itself (UNFCCC), its constituted bodies such as the Conference of Parties, Permanent Subsidiary Bodies (SBSTA, SBI), Climate Change Secretariat, etc. Alternatively, you might to comment on various elements of the regime such as climate finance, or its mechanisms (such as the Clean Development Mechanism, or Technology Mechanism), or new initiatives such as reducing emissions from deforestation and forest degradation (REDD+). You are also welcome to comment on any sub-component of these elements (such the Executive Board of the CDM, or UN-REDD, as examples). You may also select an implementing agency, such as the Global Environment Facility, or UNEP, or fund (such as the Green Climate Fund) - at the international, national, or local level (just make sure you specify what level). You can also choose any element not listed here (such as a particular negotiating forum associated with the Convention). The choice is yours.

Questions 4-14 ask you rate this element. The survey contains a series of questions, which you can answer "very high", or "high", or "medium", or "low", or "very low".

Please rate the different elements on the basis of your knowledge and involvement.

* There is also a chance to make your own follow-up comments.

Question 15 asks if you wish to be included in any follow up interviews. If you do, you can answer the questions then, or later, and you will be contacted. This part of the survey has 13 questions.

Question 16 is for you to make any comments you wish.

Further details about the project are included at the end of the survey.

You may withdraw from the survey at any time. Once you click on the 'done' button, you will complete the survey.

If you would like to contact the researcher on any matter, please email t.cadman@griffith.edu.au

Confidentiality is assured.

Click on "next" to proceed with the survey.