Open Doors Youth Service (ODYS) would like to invite you to complete a survey that asks your views about your experiences of care provided by us. 

By completing this Your Experience of Service (YES) survey, you can provide feedback on what has been good, and not so good, about your experience. The information obtained from the survey will be used to help us work together to improve our services. 

This questionnaire is based on the Recovery Principles of the Australian National Standards for Mental Health Service and it aims to help services and clients to work together to build better services. 

If you would like to know more about the survey, please ask for an information sheet by contacting Sally Morris on on (07) 3245 7660 or

Completion of the survey is voluntary. All information collected in this questionnaire is anonymous. None of the information collected will be used to identify you.

It would be helpful if you could answer all questions, but please leave any question blank if you would prefer not to answer.  

Your experiences are important to us. 
12% of survey complete.