The Clermont County Permit Central/Building Inspection Department is working to better respond to the needs of the public and the development community. While we have a legal obligation to regulate the construction and development in Clermont and Brown County, we believe this can be accomplished in a friendly, professional and helpful way. We would like to hear from you about your experience with our staff and our procedures. Your responses to this survey will be reviewed and considered. Thank you for your time and consideration.

* 1. How would you rate our Application and Permit Processing? (This includes our application and fee schedule, office location and staff. Were they clear, knowledgeable and helpful?)

* 2. How would you rate our Plan Review and Approval process? (Were our comments complete, clear and comprehensive? Was our staff knowledgeable and helpful? Was the permit approved and issued in a timely manner?)

* 3. How would you rate our Inspection and Approval process? (Were inspections scheduled as requested and made in a timely manner? Was our staff knowledgeable and helpful? Were the inspections comprehensive and impartial?)

* 4. How helpful was our Website and/or Handouts and Information provided?

* 5. How was your overall experience?

* 6. Please identify the Building Inspection Department's main strengths:

* 7. Please identify areas in need of improvement or suggestions?

* 8. Thank you for your comments and suggestions. In order to serve you and future customers better and to analyze comments, we ask that you provide your permit number and contact information.