Thanks for your interest in undertaking this survey. We are investigating the ability of driverless transit systems to increase mobility and reduce congestion and need a better understanding of the travel choices people like you make. Please first take a little time to learn about the options we are considering. Then answer the questions based on what you would really do on a repeated basis for your daily travel needs such as your trip to work, school or daily activities.

What are GreenPods?

GreenPods are small, driverless vehicles operating on dedicated guideways, together forming automated transit network systems. They provide safe, personal, on-demand, direct origin to destination, convenient, comfortable, and cost-effective mobility options. Because the guideways are separated (usually by elevating them) from other traffic and pedestrians, they relieve congestion by removing passengers from roadways and they provide quick trips independent of road congestion. Stations are offline (on sidings) and do not slow mainline traffic. Numerous stations provide improved access for more riders to connect to more attractor locations for daily activities. This video shows four different GreenPod systems highlighting the passenger experience.  You can also watch this GreenPod video ( focused on a potential corridor in Greenville.  


A gondola system may be appropriate where terrain or large bodies of water form barriers to transportation. The first two minutes of this video ( show typical gondola operations.

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