Nominate Your Class Rep for an Award: 

The Students’ Union Council consists of the SU Executive and a Class Rep from each class. Class members may nominate their own Class Rep for an award to be presented at the Union Council Awards Ceremony. Nomination closing date: 21 March  2018
Class Representatives should:
1. Liaise with the Students’ Union on behalf of class members
2. Attend Union Council meetings
3. Disseminate info to class members on behalf of the Students’ Union
4. Listen to, and speak on behalf of, the students in their class
5. Liaise with academic staff on behalf of class members
Class Representatives may:
1. Organise class social activities e.g. parties, trips, etc.
2. Facilitate the ordering process for class purchases e.g. hoodies, books etc
3. Volunteer for Union activities e.g. RAG Week and Welfare Projects 
4. Attend Sparq at CIT events (Students as partners in Quality) and/or NStEP (National Student Engagement Programme)

* 1. Name of Nominated Class Rep:

* 2. Class / Year:

* 3. How well has your Class Rep represented your class?
(Please explain in as much detail as possible):

* 4. How has your Class Rep communicated with your class? 
(Please explain in as much detail as possible):

* 5. Has your Class Rep organised class events/class hoodies?
(Give details):

* 6. Has your Class Rep been involved with Students’ Union projects?
(Examples: RAG Week, Safety Week, Body & Soul Campaign, S.H.A.G. Campaign, ExpliCIT, protests, other campaigns):

* 7. Please provide any other information you believe is relevant:

* 8. Your Details: