The General Community Service category recognizes institutions that have made a commitment to improving the quality of life of off-campus community residents, particularly low-income individuals. Institutions applying in this category will be those engaged in service that addresses education, health, economic opportunity, the environment, disaster preparedness, or other human needs including support for veterans and military families.

This data is also valuable for grants and annual reports for Clarke University.

**The hours reported on this survey are SEPARATE from those reported for Service Learning. Graciela sent a request earlier in the semester to identify any courses you teach that are considered service learning. Those courses have been identified and a reporting template was sent to each faculty member requesting the information for service learning. If you teach a course you feel qualifies for service learning and you did not respond to Graciela and have not received the report template, please contact Kari Vize in the Compass and Career Services office.

* 1. Name of course and course number (GNED110 Cornerstone section 1):

* 2. Faculty first and last name:

* 3. Number of students participating in service to the community or projects that are not being reported as service learning. This may include internships, student teaching, practica or clinicals in settings outside the classroom, if those activities are filling a community need.

* 4. Total number of hours for students participating in activities to support the community.  (e.g.- If each student completed 5 hours and there are 10 students in the class, report 50 hours).  Time spent on reflection may also be included. 

* 5. Semester and Year of Course (ex. Fall 12):

* 6. Name(s) of organization(s) where service to the community and capacity building took place (ex. Multicultural Family Center):

* 7. If you had a student worker who assisted in community related activities and who is not getting paid, please record the hours here.

* 8. Thank you. If you have any questions or comments, please enter below: