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100% of survey complete.

* 1. What type of contact did you have with the Civil Division?

* 2. Was the employee you dealt with in the Civil Division professional and helpful?

* 3. If you were a walk-in customer, were you assisted promptly?

* 4. If you called the Civil Division, was your call answered promptly and efficiently?

* 5. Was the employee able to answer your questions or explain the procedure to your satisfaction?

* 6. Were your papers served in a timely manner?

* 7. If you had contact with a Civil Deputy, was he / she / they courteous?

* 8. Over all, were you satisfied with the processing of your paperwork?

  Very satisfied Satisfied Not satisfied at all N/A
Satisfaction level

* 9. On a scale of one to three, were you satisfied with the way the Civil Division responded to your issue?

  Very satisfied Somewhat satisfied Not satisfied at all
Satisfaction level

* 10. Please tell us how we might improve our service?