Civic Learning Self-Assessment

Take this short assessment to find out your school's strengths and areas of improvement in civic learning and determine your readiness as an Arizona Civic Engagement School.

* 1. Proven Practice #1: Classroom Instruction
Our school provides systemic integration of civic knowledge, skills and dispositions throughout the school and includes student-centered and literacy-rich activities.

* 2. Proven Practice #2: Discussion of Current Events and Controversial Issues
Our school incorporates discussion of current local, national, and international issues and events frequently into most courses.

* 3. Proven Practice #3: Service-Learning
Our school demonstrates a significant understanding and systemic use of Service-Learning teaching strategies as an integral and ongoing part of classroom instruction and most of the teachers are implementing correlated community service activities with classroom instruction and academic objectives.

* 4. Proven Practice #4: Extracurricular Activities
Our school offers a wide-range of extracurricular activities within the school and community, particularly civic-learning based activities and most students participate.

* 5. Proven Practice #5: Student Participation in School Governance
At our school student participation is a part of school governance and multiple opportunities exist for students to participate in school and/or classroom governance. Additionally, participation is systemic and often student-initiated.

* 6. Proven Practice #6: Simulations of Democratic Processes
At our school most students frequently engage in simulations of democratic processes and procedures within the classroom and participate in state/national civics-based programs.

* 7. Our school's total score on this assessment is: