The Arlington County Civic Federation established a task force to re-examine our County governing bodies (County Government and Public Schools), including how the governing bodies receive input from the community and use the input to make decisions.  

This survey is designed to gather community feedback from individuals on the mechanisms used to provide input to the County and Public Schools.  We appreciate your honest feedback.  Individual surveys and individually identifying demographic information will not be shared. However, information will be aggregated and written comments may be shared.

The amount of time to complete the survey will vary depending on how you answer questions.  You may be asked about interactions with multiple organizational levels in case your engagement and experiences differ.  Required questions are in bold and preceded with * (an asterisk).  Survey responses will provide community insight to the Task Force and recommendations.  Please limit individual survey submissions to one per person.  

Additional information on this Civic Federation initiative may be found at

Thank you in advance for your participation. 

Christopher Wimbush, Chair
Arlington County Civic Federation, Task Force in Governance and Election Reform