The Plan:
The City of Wayzata Park and Recreation System Master Plan is a comprehensive planning process that provides a 20-year vision for Wayzata's Parks, Trails and Open Spaces.  This plan will identify recreational opportunities that citizens desire, formulate implementation priorities and establish a park infrastructure replacement schedule.

The Process:
The planning process began with research.  This phase included gathering information from past and ongoing studies, site tours, community engagement, etc.  

The second phase is exploration.  This phase builds upon the research phase and begins to look at "what could be".  This phase includes concept plans for each park which were developed during a collaborative charrette with City Staff, Parks and Recreation and designers.  

The third (and current) phase is to gather input + refine concepts. We are currently seeking feedback on the initial concepts developed in our explore phase.  The survey is designed to allow for input about multiple ideas.  It is most helpful for you to provide feedback regarding specific ideas presented in concepts.  The following concepts are not final and will be refined based upon comments received.
Survey Contents: 
  • Klapprich & Bell Courts 
  • Wayzata Beach & Shaver Park
  • Margaret Circle
  • Nature Center
  • Big Woods
  • City Hall, Library & Children's Garden
  • Heritage Park
  • Post Office Park