1. Cincinnati Ohio North Stake

* 1. How was the food at camp?

  Excellent Very Good Good OK Not so Good
Quantity of food
Taste of the food
Nutrition level
Variety of food
Overall Food Rateing

* 2. How would you rate the following Camp activities?

  Great Enjoyable OK Not so Good Needs much Improvement
Daily Scripture Study time
Flag Ceremony
Certification time
Free time
Paddle Boating
Time with JL/Youth Camp Leaders
Evening Devotionals
Dinning Hall Meal time
Fire Ring Cooking
Secret Sisters
Adventure activities (fishing, canoe, horses, boating)
Theme related activities
Sunshine Box
Evening (Tue) Love Drill
Evening (Wed) Skits
Evening (Thur) Saints & Soldiers
Evening (Fri) Testimony
Bishops Time
Morning Calisthenics
Saturday Cabin Check out
Saturday Cleaning Assignments
Saturday Closing Ceremonies

* 3. Rate the following Adventure Activities in order of most enjoyable to least favorite:
(pick only one per column - you can only have one A)

  A = Most Enjoyable B C D E F G H = Least Favorite
Paddle Boating
Row Boating
Horse Back riding
Boating - Tubing

* 4. What Camp Certification did you enjoy?
(check all that you enjoy)

* 5. How would you rate Camp Certification this year?

  Excellent Very Good Good OK A bit boring
Outdoor Cooking
Fire Building & Saftey
Appreciation of Nature
Daily Scripture Reading
First Aid
Optional Requirements
Stars/night sky
zOther Outdoor Skills(everything else not already listed)
Signing off in book

* 6. How well do you feel the goals of camp were met?

  Definitly accomplished the goal Somewhat accomplished the goal Neither Tried but without success Didn't even come close to this goal
Draw closer to Heavenly Father & His Son Jesus Christ
Feel the influence of the Spirit
Server others
Build Friendships and unity
Learn skills
Appreciate God's creations
Have Fun!

* 7. Length and Cost of Camp. This year the cost of camp was $100 per YW.

  Yes/All Some No
Was it a challange to come up with $100 for camp?
Did you personally earn some or all the money?
Was camp worth the cost of $100?
Did you recieve help from another source (ward/parents...) to pay for camp?
Should the younger campers come up Tuesday?
Should the younger campers come up Monday PM?

* 8. Should we return to Versailles Next Year

* 9. General Logistic Questions:

  Wards/Other AGE Levels No preference
How do you prefer to do skits?
How do you prefer to camp/sleep/be grouped?
When camping/sleeping as AGE Levels .... Where should the JL/youth leaders sleep?

* 10. How would your rate the following:

  Excellent Very Good Good OK Not so Good Needs Much Improvement
JL - Youth Camp Leader (YCL)
Amount of Swimming time
Versailles location
Name Tags
Amount of Certification time
Amount of Cooking over fire time
Amount of Free time
Your Ward YW
Swimming pool
Your Age Group YW
Dog Tags
Age Group Adult Leaders (Captains)
Other Adults Leaders

* 11. What is your OVERALL RATING of CAMP 2009

* 12. What Ward or Branch are you from :

* 13. This year 2009 I was a:

* 14. Do you plan on participating in camp 2010?

* 15. I want to be Notified about camp 2010 details

* 16. What is your email address? (OPTIONAL)

* 17. Name (optional)

* 18. What Suggestions do you have for next year

* 19. What are some theme ideas for camp 2010

* 20. Last Chance to add any comments or suggestions on how we can make CAMP better for all: