Greetings in Christ,

Would you please help us -- plus thousands of other churches at the same time? 

I'm contacting you about your involvement on your church's board.

If you'll share your experience and best practices by taking this anonymous, confidential survey, we'll show how your church board compares to other churches. Bottom line: We want to identify and share best board practices.

Benefits to Participating in the Survey
  • Free illustrated report with survey findings
  • Invitation-only video webinar and Q&A with Dr. Warren Bird, well-known church researcher and ECFA staff member who will be analyzing the survey results
  • Entered to win an Amazon gift card for $300, $200, or $100
  • Entered to win an “Author Chat” personal video call with myself or John Pearson, co-authors of the book Lessons From the Church Boardroom
I hope you won't miss this opportunity to be represented!

If you have served on your church board in the last 3 years, you are eligible to participate! Please invest 10-15 minutes to complete the survey. Your responses will assist ECFA in developing more resources to strengthen Christ-centered governance in churches like yours as we serve together to further the Great Commission.

Thank you for your help. May God bless you, your board, and your ministry!

Dan Busby

You may exit anytime from this survey – and return to complete it later using the same link, from the same computer and browser, restarting just after the last page completed.

Technical problems/questions with the survey? Please email or call 540-535-0103 and ask for Suzanne Pearson.
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