Help us select this year’s Nikkei Chronicles theme!

Each year, Discover Nikkei presents a series of theme-based writing projects aimed at generating a more profound understanding of the complex histories of multicultural, multiracial, and multinational people of Japanese descent around the world. Past themes have touched on Nikkei food, language, family, names, and mixed heritage.

This year, we’d like your help in coming up with the next Nikkei Chronicles theme, which will be announced in May. Some ideas we’ve considered are sports, religion, and places/locations. Do you have any ideas for themes you would love to see explored?

Please keep in mind that themes work best when they can be applied to different countries and generations and are not exclusive to a specific country or region.

We will be collecting responses through February 28, 2018.

* Which of these themes do you think would be a good topic for Nikkei stories? Please select as many as apply.

* Please write in your additional suggestion(s) for this year's Nikkei Chronicles theme.