Survey Purpose

The 2011 Forsyth County Community Health Assessment identifed "Chronic Disease Management and Prevention" as a top community health priority. The purpose of this brief survey is to help the new Forsyth County Chronic Disease Coaltion identify and prioritize what chronic disease conditions should be targeted for a county-wide work plan next year. Please take 5-10 minutes to help us complete this very brief survey!

* 1. Please prioritize the chronic condition/disease(s) below that you think the Coalition should focus on in the upcoming year; rank one as your top priority and four as your lowest priority.

* 2. Based on your top priority selected, please describe the community assets and/or evidence based interventions in place that you are aware of to address your selected condition in Forsyth County.

* 3. Please provide any other feedback or suggestions for the Coaltion. Thank you!