Adapting for the Present, Preparing for the Future

Your survey responses are driving change! From the earliest days of the pandemic to the ongoing impact, your stories and data have informed policymakers and the public about how much support child care needs - and how much America needs child care.  

This survey is primarily for early childhood educators, directors, and owners, including those working in center based programs AND family child care homes that are open, closed, or somewhere in-between. You will answer questions about your current status and challenges; the process of "re-opening" in your state; and how you feel about the decisions, circumstances, and options in front of you. 

We ask you to answer as many of the questions as you can - and, in order to be helpful in informing the next set of potential Congressional actions, we ask you to complete this survey by June 30.

Thank you for everything you are doing for our children, families, and communities in this difficult and complex time. We appreciate each and every one of you.