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Chevron Volunteer Week Nonprofit Training Highlights


  • Safety is Chevron’s number one priority and each volunteer project should address any potential safety issues before the planning stage to mitigate any safety risks. Once the scope of your project has been outlined, another safety analysis should be performed.
  • Chevron recommends reviewing your project from start to finish to identify parking security, tools you will need to provide, work areas, required attire and any other items to consider that requires clear safety information within your project description.
  • Be sure to conduct a safety moment at the start of your project. This is an effective way to address any safety concerns before the project begins.
  • Chevron volunteers are given the authorization to perform a ‘Stop Work Authority’ at any time, for any situation, that is deemed unsafe.

Project(s) submission:

  • Starts on Wed May 23rd and closes Mon June 11.
  • Chevron cannot guarantee acceptance of projects arriving after the deadline date.
  • ·Submit your projects online, through the Contra Costa Crisis Center online portal. Each project submission takes approximately 10 minutes - or less.
  • Organizations are welcome to submit more than one project!
  • Use the helpful Project Registration Checklist provided in your planning toolkit to ensure you have identified the important/required information needed to submit a project.
  • Make sure your description includes critical logistics, such as parking arrangements and tools you will provide.
  • Once your project(s) have been submitted, they will be reviewed for safety.
  • Projects will be offered to Chevron employees in July and you will receive regular updates during the open registration process.
  • Keep your project description of the volunteer activity to one short and concise paragraph.

Sample project descriptions:

a. Help Feed the Hungry - a fun and rewarding team experience!  Setup dining room, light food preparation, serve meal buffet style with other team members, take down dining room. Parking is available in lot behind building and on street nearby; please do not leave valuables in vehicle.

b. The Art Center's artists use a lot of canvases in a year and the first step in making a great painting is prepping the canvas. Volunteers will assemble the stretcher/wood frame, measure and cut the canvas, staple the canvas over the stretcher, and finally, paint the canvas white with gesso. We will demonstrate every step of process. If the weather is wonderful, we will work outside in the garden. Can your team prepare a year's worth of canvases? Come to Art Center and find out! Our parking is limited –please carpool if possible. We will provide drinks; pack a lunch to enjoy outside afterward (weather permitting).

c. Mock interviews are a great way for our participants to apply what they learn in our job training program by relating to real situations. We will provide the job description, interview questions, and feedback form. Volunteers will conduct four or five rounds of 30-minute interviews (20 minutes of questions and answers and 10 minutes of feedback). Treat the interviewees as you would any potential candidate for a job.
Volunteer event planning logistics:

  • Chevron volunteers are swift, organized and often complete tasks efficiently. They will arrive ready to work. 
  • It is recommended to have multiple back-up projects/tasks available for volunteers.
  • Volunteers can be asked to bring personal items – lunch, water bottles, hats and/or given the option to bring gloves or a tool – but volunteers are not required to fund or bring supplies. 
  • Your organization may provide lunch, beverages and/or snacks, but this is not required.

Wrap up:

  • The Contra Costa Crisis Center will provide contact information of the Chevron project leader, prior to the volunteer event for coordination purposes.
  • When registration closes, a final update of registered volunteers will be sent.
  • The full schedule can be viewed online on the Nonprofit Resource Page.
  • If you need access to your organization’s user account, email
  • If you need further assistance or have questions, you can access the Nonprofit Resource Page . You may also call directly:  925.472.5768. The Crisis Center team is happy to help!

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