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In March 2017, the Council approved Section 106 developer contributions for the introduction of a new wheeled sports facility in Chesterton Recreation Ground. The responses from the original public consultation carried out in March 2019 identified support for the proposal presented at that time, and some opportunities for improvement.

We now introduce a revised public consultation with new proposals that include suggestions for improvement taken from the original consultation. The proposed facility is aimed at the age range of 4 to 14 years inclusive, and comprising a continuous circuit of turns and jumps which aims to appeal to a variety of wheeled sports users from BMX and mountain bikes to skateboards, scooters, and roller skates. A hard surfaced (tarmac) track which offers a family friendly outdoor activity catering for a range of abilities from beginner through intermediate to advanced level.

We strongly encourage your feedback to this latest consultation to ensure that we can deliver the best outcome for the local and wider community.

Please refer to the proposed track designs and options on the next page, and then share your feedback and suggestions through the short survey that accompanies them.

For more information on the approval process, the funding allocation, and the benefits that this latest proposal is expecting to deliver, please see the 'Additional Information' page at the end of this consultation.

This consultation will end on Sunday 17th January 2021.

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Example of a similar facility to that proposed for Chesterton Recreation Ground.

Example of a similar facility to that proposed for Chesterton Recreation Ground.
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