We want to know what you think about the future of the intersection at Chena Pump, Chena Small Tracts, and Old Chena Ridge.

We are in the very early stages of considering improvements to this intersection. We are not currently working on a project at the intersection--we want to know what you think before we start one.

There is enough traffic at this intersection to consider installing a traffic signal or a roundabout. We prefer a roundabout because they tend to have fewer crashes and less delay than a signal. A roundabout here would also provide:

- easier access to the transfer station,
- provide safer pedestrian access, and 
- allow for a better transition between the four-lane and the two-lane road sections.

You can read more about this intersection at http://dot.alaska.gov/nreg/smalltracts 
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* 1. How frequently do you travel through this intersection?

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* 2. How do you feel about roundabouts in general?

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* 3. Considering your own driving experience, do you think a roundabout at Chena Pump and Chena Small Tracts would improve congestion and safety?

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* 4. What other solutions should we consider to improve this intersection?

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* 5. Do you have anything else to share? Please be specific.

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* 6. Please leave your name and phone number if you would like one of our staff to call you.

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