Invidivual Survey

To better serve the community, the HRC is seeking ideas from residents about human rights priorities in Chelsea.  The results will be used to inform the public awarenesss and educational activities of the Commission.  This survey is voluntary.  You may skip any question you do not wish to answer.  Your answers will be confidential and any reports of the results will be summaries only.

* 1. 1. Have you been involved in specific activities or services that focus on
 human rights and social justice issues?

* 2. In your experience, what does Chelsea do well to promote and protect human rights and social justice?

* 3. In your experience, what could Chelsea improve upon to promote and protect human rights and social justice?

* 4. Which of the following human rights and social justice priorities do you think should be a focus of the Human Rights Commission?  Please seelct your top 3 choices.

* 5. Would you be willing to work with the HRC on a specific topic?

* 6. Please select your age range:

* 7. Please select your residency

* 8. OPTIONAL:  If you would like to keep in touch with the HRC, please provide your contact information.  Your answers to the survey will be entirely confidential.