2nd Annual Cheese Toasti Tournament Information

This unique “grilled cheese” event will be held at the Brown County Fair, and will provide the opportunity to unleash your creativity while making the BEST, most UNIQUE and most CREATIVE Cheese Toasti!

2nd Annual Cheese Toasti Tournament
Saturday, August 16, 2014
1:00 p.m. - 2:30 p.m.

Deadline for registrations: August 10, 2014.
Registrations accepted on a first come, first serve basis.
Due to space limitations, only 8 participants will be accepted per division. Additional registrants will be put on a waiting list.


There will be three divisions of competition:
* Professional division (anyone in the culinary field – chef, culinary arts student, etc.) and
* Individual (must be over the age of 18)
* Intergenerational Team division (consisting of a youth, under 18, and an adult, over 18)

All divisions will compete at 1:00. Judging will begin at 1:45. Awards will be awarded at approximately 2:15. Divisions will be judged only among the participants in each division.


• Must bring all cooking utensils (including a griddleand spatula, knives, etc.)and two serving dishes (one plate to present to the judges, one for samples for the audience).
* Must bring ingredients necessary to make the required judging samples. Please note: any perishable item MUST be kept in a cooler with ice and stored at a safe temperature (below 45 degrees). Be sure to label your cooler and supplies.
• Will have 30 minutes to prepare and serve their version of a Cheese Toasti.
• Prepare three sandwiches: one for the judges to taste (cut into 4), and the others cut for audience sampling
• Submit basic ingredient list

Teams will be provided a work space, and a Cheese Toasti tournament kit, including:

o Aprons (2) and gloves (3 pair)
o Paper towel and hand sanitizer
o Toothpicks for audience sampling
o Safe food handling sheet and rules sheet

o Must use butter
o Must use real Wisconsin Cheese
o May not use margarine
o May not use mayonaise to crisp the outside of the sandwich


A panel of judges will review and taste each sandwich and award up to 50 points in the following areas:
•Presentation/Appearance (plating, garnish, look) - 15 points
•Taste (how does the sandwich taste) - 20 points
•Creativity (what makes this sandwich special) - 15 points

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