Board of Governors Election Ballot

The Board of Governors shall be constituted as follows:

(a) The Officers of the Chapter: The Chapter President, the Chapter Vice President(s), the Chapter Treasurer and the Chapter Secretary. If more than one vice president is elected by the chapter, the responsibilities of office will be distinguished between the 1st and 2nd VP.

(b) One three-year Governor for each ten (10) members, limited to a total of not more than twelve (12) Governors, one-third of such Governors elected in the first year shall be elected to serve for two years. If the number of elected governors is not evenly divisible by three, the excess over an even division shall be, where applicable, one (1) elected for a one-year term and one (1) elected for a two-year term. If membership is such as to limit the number of elected governors to less than three, then elections shall be for the following terms: one governor for a period of one year; second governor for a period of two years.

(c) The two most recent past Chapter Presidents, not holding other office in the Chapter and who are still members of the Chapter.


Current officers are: Meghan Petty, President (City of Chattanooga); Pam Swinney, Vice President (City of Chattanooga); Misty King, Treasurer (US Floors); Stacy Yakimowich, Secretary (Chattanooga Chamber of Commerce)

Past presidents currently serving on the Board of Governors: Kelli Grimes-Ballard (Electric Power Board)

Our chapter currently has approximately 140 members. We can elect up to 8 additional members to the Board. However, we received 6 nominations. The individuals below have been nominated to serve.

* 1. Please select 6 names from the following list of individuals:.