Downtown stakeholders are investigating the feasibility of creating a Downtown Business Improvement District (BID). A BID allows for a self-imposed and self-governed property assessment that raises funds for enhanced safety, maintenance, economic development, beautification, and a variety of other services and improvements. These services are intended to be in addition to or different from standard City services. A BID can help strengthen a downtown area to make it more competitive regionally. There are more than 1,000 BIDs throughout the nation, most of which are concentrated in city centers.

This survey is part of a fact-finding process from commercial property owners, businesses, homeowners, nonprofits and other stakeholders inside the BID study area to determine the feasibility of forming a Downtown Chattanooga BID. Please help shape this effort by taking a few minutes to answer the following quick questions.  

Thank you for your interest in and support for Downtown Chattanooga!
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