Dear Chase Creek Swim Club (CCSC) Members:

In order for you and anyone in your household to be allowed entrance into Chase Creek Swim Club, you and anyone 18 years and older must read and sign our Pool Rules, Waiver and Release from Liability Form, and our Covid-19 Waiver. Children under the age of 18 are covered under the Head of Household designated on your pool application as well as on the form below.

Please go to the link below to read and sign the CCSC Pool Rules and Waiver forms and please forward the link to any household member 18 years or older who is part of your membership.

Please send any concerns to:
Thanks so much,
CCSC Board of Directors

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* 1. Name of Adult Household Member (please note if your household has more than one adult member, each adult needs to complete this form)

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* 2. Adult Household Member Date of Birth


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* 3. Names and Dates of Birth for all household members under 18 for whom you are the parent or legal guardian. If there are no members under 18, please just enter N/A.

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