1. CharterStart Registration

Thank you for your interest in CharterStart, a comprehensive program designed to provide foundational knowledge and technical assistance to charter petitioners in developing a quality charter school and writing a successful petition.

CharterStart is offered via two training routes to meet founding groups' needs:

1. CharterStart Program - full package including:
- Workshop series (approximately 40 hours)
- Webinars
- Professional library and resources
- 1 Year Consulting (max 40 hours)
- Petition review
- Budget/financial review
- Mock interview
- Grant review

2. Workshops and Services a la Carte - select from:
- 10 training module choices
- Petition review
- Budget/financial review
- Mock interview
- General consulting
- Grant review

CharterStart is a fee-based program, and participants must enter into a contractual agreement with The Georgia Charter Schools Association. Prices and description of the program modules can be found on GCSA's website at www.gacharters.org - Services tab - CharterStart.

CharterStart is generally offered twice per year (Fall and Spring). GCSA reserves the right to accept founding groups or to deny entrance into the program for any reason.

GCSA cannot guarantee petitions or grants will be approved by local, Commission, or state agencies. The purpose of the program is to provide a solid foundation in quality school development that increases the likelihood of authorization. Development of the school and negotiations with local, Commission, or state agencies remains the responsibility of the petitioner.

* 1. Please complete the information below about the primary petitioner responsible for the founding group and authorized to sign on behalf of the non-profit or initial group:

* 2. Please provide the following employment information for the primary petitioner:

* 3. Please select which of the following best describes you:

* 4. Proposed Name of School

* 5. Please select all grade levels you are interested in serving.

* 6. Please list the school district(s) you would like to serve.

* 7. Please briefly summarize your school's focus and/or innovative or unique features.

* 8. Please list the name, area of expertise, and email for each Founding Board Member

* 9. Please select all activities that your Founding Board has completed:

* 10. Please complete credit card information to pay for the CharterStart program. Please note that receipt and verification of the initial deposit of $2500 is due prior to participation in the program. The balance of $7500 is required within 30 days of receipt of a grant or authorization of the charter.