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Firstly, give yourself a pat on the back! You are visiting this page because you want to mark TODAY as your day to pledge to make your life or someone else’s life healthier. More than 1,300 people die each day due to smoking in the US. Your personal decision to quit smoking today or to help a person to quit smoking or using other tobacco products could save someone’s life!

The Healthy Charlotte Council is focused on helping make residents of the Charlotte region healthier and making the city nationally recognized for its healthy initiatives. The #CharlotteQUITS Pledge Campaign is a Healthy Charlotte initiative to encourage and empower citizens to quit using tobacco.

Pledge today to set a quit date. When you pledge, you are making a promise to yourself, your family, and your community that 1) you will give up using tobacco and/or 2) you will help someone give up tobacco use. Furthermore, adding your name to this pledge will show other Charlotte area residents how important quitting tobacco is for one’s health and encourage them to pledge too!

You are taking an important and brave step towards saving a life, be it your life or the life of someone else you care about. Thank you for your pledge! Celebrate your pledge by sharing your decision with everyone on Facebook, Twitter, and email.

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* By checking one of the following boxes you are pledging to (1) quit using tobacco, (2) help someone quit using tobacoo, and/or (3) never start using tobacco. Check the following boxes to pledge (Choose as many as apply):

I hereby pledge to quit using tobacco.
I hereby pledge to help someone I care about quit using tobacco.
I hereby pledge to never start using tobacco.

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* What are your reasons for pledging to (1) quit using tobacco, (2) help someone quit, and/or (3) never start using tobacco?

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