Charlotte Arts Events, Announcements, Call for Artists, etc.

The Arts & Humanities Council of Charlotte County – Charlotte Arts – is Charlotte County's only "united arts" agency. Charlotte Arts celebrates and supports all artists – visual arts, performing arts, and humanities – as well as cultural organizations and businesses.

Weekly e-newsletters announcing members events began in June of 2015. An online calendar was added to A year later the frequency of the e-newsletters changed to every other week. In November 2017 the e-newsletter began focusing on events that would be held in the next two weeks and all other announcements were moved to the website.

How to submit events, opportunities for artists and announcements: This form is one way activiites such as performances, lectures,  courses, etc. (for the e-newsletter and online calendar) and call for artists, art news and announcements (for website) may be submitted. This information may also be provided by email to Graphics to illustrate your event should be sent when completing this form (preferred) or as an attachment to an email message with "calendar attachment" in the subject line. PLEASE be certain to name and label items so it will be correctly identified by Charlotte Arts. It is our hope that this form will help guide you in the information needed to promote your events, etc.

Please provide the information you would like included by Noon on the Wednesday before the Friday the information is to be released. The online calendar and announcements are updated at the same time an e-newsletter is released. 

Only Charlotte Arts members events that are held in the next two weeks will be included in the e-newsletter. The online calendar will include events as they are received no matter when they are held. Non-members events will also be included in the online calendar.

Please provide SEASON information for posting on the website and PERFORMANCES for inclusion in the e-newsletter.

Let us know if you have any suggestions that would help make providing this information easier or you have suggestions for other ways to announce your events.

Thank you.

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* 1. Please let us know who is submitting this information and the best way to contact you if additional information is needed.

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* 2. What type of information are you submitting? Please remember the e-newsletter will typically only focus on events and classes held in the next two weeks by Charlotte Arts members. All information will be posted online (members and nonmembers) no matter when the event will be held. The online information is updated about every other week.

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* 3. Please describe your event or class.

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* 4. Who is a member of Charlotte Arts? Check all that apply.

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* 5. Will you provide a graphic by email?

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* 6. Provide a caption for your graphic as well as any credit that should be included.

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* 7. Please describe your announcement, call to artists, etc. Include instructions on who to contact for more information.

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* 8. What issue of the e-newsletter would you like your event or class to be promoted in or when would you like your announcement added to the website? Remember, we ask that you limit the time to the issue two weeks prior to the event or class. If it is to be held or begins on the Friday of the e-newsletter release, we may be able to promote it in two issues.

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