Eastwood Lake Subwatershed Study - Public Survey

The Town of Chapel Hill’s Stormwater Management Program has contracted with W. K. Dickson to conduct a study of the Eastwood Lake subwatershed, as part of the larger Booker Creek Watershed. This study will identify and prioritize stormwater projects that will help to stabilize streams, improve water quality, and lessen drainage and flooding problems.

Please complete this brief questionnaire to let us know what you are experiencing. If you own multiple properties, please complete a separate questionnaire for each property. Thank you for your participation! For more information about what you can do about drainage and water quality, visit the Town's stormwater website at www.townofchapelhill.org/stormwater.

* 1. Address of Property in Eastwood Lake subwatershed:

* 2. Your Address & Contact Information (Optional):

* 3. Have you experienced flooding on your property?

* 5. If known, please list dates, locations, and depth of water (For example,  May 10, 2016, mailbox, 2 feet deep) to help us correlate flooding events with rainfall amounts. 

* 6. Do streets and/or common areas in your neighborhood flood?

* 7. Have you noticed any changes in flooding/drainage on your property?

* 8. Is there a stream or drainage channel on or near (e.g., within 150 feet of) your property?

* 9. Have you noticed erosion (soil loss) on your property? If yes, please check all that apply.

* 10. Are you aware of any water pollution problems in your neighborhood?

* 11. Please rate the overall quality of the creeks, streams, and lakes in your neighborhood.

* 12. Is there anything else you would like us to know about stormwater issues in your area? If so, please describe below.

* 13. Would you like to learn more about how you can help prevent erosion and manage stormwater on your property?

* 14. E-mail Address (Please provide if you would like to receive updates and other communication during this study):