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The only constant is change, goes the old adage.  Yet despite us having such a drastic variety of responses to change, we don’t often pay attention to how we show up at the table, BEFORE we even start talking about change.

Some of us celebrate and welcome change while others avoid it all costs.  Some of us holler ‘bring it on’ with glee, while others would rather stand on hot coals than have to change.

When we pay attention to our change personalities we can more easily bypass the difficult challenges change can bring, and rather bring on the benefits.

Take the three simple question survey below and immediately find out your change personality.  Once you’re done you’ll immediately see your results including:

-       What you need to know to relieve change related anxiety, stress and overwhelm.
-       What your mission is, should you choose to accept it, in order to move forward with change.

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Lee-Anne Ragan

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* 1. Pick a statement that best DESCRIBES you overall when it comes to change.

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* 2. Pick a statement that best describes how you FEEL about change.

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* 3. Pick a statement that best describes the ANIMAL you relate to when it comes to change.