Future of Pier 40 Community Survey

Community Board 2 has convened a Working Group to discuss the future of Pier 40. By participating, you will help assure that redevelopment of Pier 40 serves the needs of our community while also generating necessary revenue to help support Hudson River Park.
The Hudson River Park Act says that to the extent practicable maintenance and operations of the park will be supported by revenue generated within the park. The act allows "park/commercial" uses at some piers including Pier 40, but requires that these uses be compatible with public park uses, and that all income be used only for maintenance and operations of the park. The piles supporting the pier will soon be repaired using funds derived from the recent sale of 200,000 square feet of development rights from Pier 40. The pier building still needs expensive repair and/or reconstruction. The Hudson River Park Trust expects a future private developer to pay to redevelop the pier and also pay rent, which would be used to help support the entire park. Please keep this context in mind as you respond.

* 1. Name

* 2. Address

* 3. Zip Code

* 4. Email Address (youremail@domain.com)

* 5. Your age in years

* 6. Number of adults in household

* 7. Number of children under 18 in household 

* 8. Frequency of Park Use

  Never Rarely Occasionally Regularly
How often do people in your household use any portion of Hudson River Park?
How often do people in your household use Pier 40 specifically?
How often do people in your household use Pier 40 ball fields?
How often do people in your household use non-motorized boats at Pier 40?
How often does anyone in your family use Pier 40 for parking?
How often does your household participate in educational or entertainment programs in the park?

* 9. How important to you and your family are the following current uses of Pier 40?

  Not Important Somewhat Important Very Important Essential
Free & public small-boat access
Car parking
Community access to the waterfront for activities like sunbathing, strolling, fishing, etc
Dog run near Pier 40

* 10. How important to the future of your community or the City are the following?

  Not Important Somewhat Important Very Important Essential
Hudson River Park as a whole
More outdoor space for sports
More indoor space for sports
Keeping the existing fields that are at ground level and protected from wind
Creating new places to relax by the river
Creating more small boat access from Pier 40
Creating a new, bigger dog run
Creating a children's playground or other activities for young children
Having places to eat or purchase food
Car parking
Having amenities such as locker rooms and additional public rest rooms

* 11. How important are the following design considerations for a redevelopment of Pier 40?

  Not Important Somewhat Important Very Important Essential
Create new open spaces, even if it requires taller buildings
Keep buildings to current height, even if it means no new open spaces
Separating motor-vehicle access from cyclists, runners, and pedestrians
High quality of architecture and landscape design
A design that prioritizes green architecture and flood resiliency

* 12. Commercial activity at Pier 40 contributes a significant portion of the funding necessary to maintain the Hudson River Park. How would you feel about these commercial uses at Pier 40?

  Strongly Oppose Oppose Support Strongly Support
Commercial offices
Government offices
Restaurants & cafes
Bars & clubs
Cultural events & performance spaces/venues
Commercial recreation or physical training businesses
Commercial day boats for tours/parties
Amusement park
Art galleries
Artist studios or rehearsal space
Artisan manufacturing

* 13. How concerned are you about the following?

  Not Concerned Somewhat Concerned Very Concerned
Loss of ballfield playing time during construction
More vehicular traffic crossing the bikeway
Impact of workers and customers of businesses on nearby neighborhoods
Privatization of public land
Loss of neighborhood character
Tall buildings in the Park
Traffic impacts on residential streets
Poor condition of the current structure at Pier 40
Insufficient funding for Hudson River Park if Pier 40 cannot be successfully redeveloped
Quality of maintenance of the Park and public safety

* 14. Do you think Pier 40 is a good place for a public high school?

* 15. Do you think Pier 40 is a good place to generate solar or wind power?

* 16. Please use this space to express any additional thoughts about the future of Pier 40.