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* 1. Type of Proposal

* 2. Project Name

* 3. Project Description

* 4. Project Website Address (URL)

* 5. Project Photo Address (URL)
Example: Please select your best photo—this will appear on your sign, and may also be used for promotional reasons. Please do not include a link to an entire online photo album.

* 6. Maker Category
We know this is hard; try and narrow it to what applies best.

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* 14. Commercial Maker / Crafter Exhibits

If you would like to sell your own creations at Maker Faire, you are welcome to do so as a "Commercial Maker". Commercial Makers are responsible for their own business transactions - whether it be via cash, credit card, barter, or some other means. The fee for Commercial Makers is $50, which will be invoiced in advance and payable prior to receiving your Maker credentials. NOTE: FOOD VENDORS ARE NOT INCLUDED IN THIS CATEGORY. Food vendors please contact for more info.

* 15. If you ARE a Commercial Maker, what do you plan to sell?

* 16. Please provide details about your exhibit:

* 17. If your exhibit is a special set-up, please describe it.
***PLEASE FILL THIS SECTION OUT IF YOU ARE A PERFORMER OR WORKSHOP LEADER. Describe number of performers/speakers, number of inputs to sound board, number of mics, whether or not you need a projector, space requirements, and any other needs.

* 18. Noise

* 19. Electrical Requirements

* 20. Internet Requirements

* 21. Radio Frequencies
If your exhibit uses radio frequencies, please elaborate here about what frequency your exhibit uses.

* 22. Safety
Does your activity require a safety plan that you will supply to us? This is mandatory for exhibits with open fire of any sort.

* 23. Please descrbie what the safety issues are.

* 24. Anything else we should know about your project?

* 25. Have you exhibited at any Maker Faire previously?

Please tell us which ones, what years.

* 26. How did you hear of the Somerville MIni Maker Faire?

* 27. Would you be interested in part-time work as a maker educator, or serving as a Young Maker program mentor?