About the project and this survey

The Central City is the heart of Portland, home to the densest population of people and jobs in the state  – and it is growing. People living and visiting the Central City need more transportation options to access the increasing number of jobs, dining, retail, and cultural attractions. Successful cities across the country are meeting these challenges by offering increased transit access, better biking facilities, and reduced conflicts for pedestrians.

The Central City Multimodal Project will help make getting to and around the Central City safer, easier, and more convenient by foot, bike, and transit.

Your early input will help us learn how people travel around the Central City and ways we can improve it. This survey will ask you about how you travel, where you go, and what challenges you are facing while getting around in the Central City. Your feedback will help to guide our planning work for the project. Thank you for taking the time!

You will have an opportunity to enter to win our raffle prize (your choice of $100 of SmartPark vouchers, an annual BikeTown bike share membership, or a one-month TriMet pass) at the end of the survey.