CfHP believes that the work environment is critical to high performance. To determine which specific attributes are necessary in a high-performance work environment, CfHP conducted a global study of more than 3,000 knowledge workers. The study—the largest and most in-depth of its kind—identified a global standard for high performance based on 45 work environment attributes. Workgroups that scored high on these attributes not only made money for their companies and drove innovation; they also were “talent magnets” for the best and brightest.

Further exploration of the data led the CfHP team to isolate 15 environmental attributes that together provide a portrait of the high-performance work environment.

To see how your work environment compares against the benchmarks identified in the global study, please rate the following environmental attributes from the perspective of your workgroup.

Please rate each attribute below on a scale of 0 through 10, where 0 means that the attribute does not describe the workgroup at all, 10 means it describes the workgroup perfectly, and 5 is a neutral score.

All scores are confidential and will be sent directly to the Center for High Performance.

To assist us in analyzing your results, please identify your company by providing a three letter code at the end of the survey, which represents the first three letters of your company's name. An example will be provided in the survey to guide you.