This is Cell Phone Courtesy Month. Please take a few minutes to weigh in on what bothers you about other people's cell phone usage.

* 1. When do you think the most offensive behavior is practiced?

  Least Offensive Most Offensive
When talking
When texting
With camera use
With music player use
With Ringtone use

* 2. In regards to talking, what offends you the most?

  Least Offensive Most Offensive
Talking loudly
Talking in a quiet place i.e. movie theatre, library
Talking while driving
Private conversations
Interrupting a conversation to take a call

* 3. Where do breaches of etiquette happen most?

* 4. Relating to Texting, what do you find the most offensive?

  Least offensive Most Offensive
Texting while in the company of another or a group
Texting while driving
Texting in a quiet/dark place i.e. play, movies
Receiving texts with misspellings and/or no punctuation

* 5. In regards to music or ringtones, what do you think is the most offensive?

  Least Offensive Most Offensive
Loud Ringtones
Explicit Ringtones
Loud Music
Explicit Music

* 6. On a scale of 1 to 5, how offended are you if someone takes a picture and you are potentially in the frame?

  Least offended Most offended
Offense level

* 7. What is your biggest pet peeve when it comes to cell phone use?

* 8. Which of the above offenses are you guilty of?

  Never Do Have done in the past, trying to quit Always Do
Talking loudly in public
Having private conversations in public
Interrupting a conversation to take a call
Arguing on the phone in public
Talking while driving
Texting while in the company of others
Texting while driving
Texting without spell correcting or punctuation
Using loud or explicit ringtones in public
Playing loud or explicit music in public
Taking pictures of someone without permission
Thanks for taking part in our survey.